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Team VYB-X Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness, VYB-X Active Bands will be donating ten percent of all BCA Pink Bands sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We encourage all of our fans to visit the Team VYB-X Donation Page at BCRF, and pledge support for a worthy cause!

We’d also like to share a fascinating story from one of our customers:

This my true story for breast cancer awareness month. This isn’t my story about breast cancer this is my story about choices. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec 2012. I underwent a lumpectomy, a double mastectomy and 18 rounds of chemo. I could easily tell you how incredibly difficult, painful, and scary it was on every level. I could easily tell you about loss; breasts, marriage, and loved ones. I could tell you that somedays it is still scary and can be crippling. I won’t. I want to tell you a story about survival; a story about attitude and choices. Up until my diagnosis I was a working model size 4-6, confident, and successful. I used this genetic blessings to my full advantage. I traveled, I partied, I ate and drank whatever I wanted and I felt on top of the world. I put so much value on how I looked outside that I never worried about what was going on inside. The day I went in for my “you have breast cancer” consultation the path of my life changed forever. The thing I had placed so much confidence on was being attacked on the inside and was showing on the outside, I was bald, bloated, and had gained over 20lbs. What was a girl to do? CHANGE… It’s a choice that is never too late. I could fall apart and be a victim or I could do what I do best and that’s smile and carry on. I didn’t do it alone, I cheated a little I had tremendous support from my family and my friends. I made lots of changes to my attitude, diet, and environment. I realized that in life there are so many things that we cannot control yet there are endless amounts of things that we can. I CHOSE to change. I decided I was going to do the things that where good for me inside and out. I changed my eating habits, I added an exercise routine to my schedule and I changed my environment. I look for activities that bring me joy and try my best to stay away from stress. My friend gave me the VYB-X band to try and I must say I slept better, felt more relaxed, and felt clear headed. I chose to wear the VYB-X band all the time to see if I could feel consistent improvement and I did. Once you make the choice to do what is best for yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually all the tools you need find you. Thanks VYB-X for the support throughout my journey and thank you for the continued support on my road to health and happiness.

Sagine — a mother, model, blogger, entrepreneur, advocate, adventurer and most importantly a survivor.