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IGolf Reviews Puts The VYB-X Band To The Ultimate Test

Our friends at Independent Golf Reviews were kind enough to complete a full review of our VYB-X Band. They put our VYB-X bands to the ultimate test and their findings were reassuring to say the least.

Some of the great takeaways included the reviewer mentioning “I didn’t hit the ball further or suddenly have this “zen” on the course, but what I did have was a better overall disposition since I had slept better each night.” The reviewer also wrote “I actually see this as a pretty big accomplishment since my life turned even more hectic about a month ago with the birth of my 3rd son.  Expecting even less sleep and less restful sleep the band seemed to help me sleep even better than prior to the wonder blessing of chaos.”

IGolfReviews focus their efforts on creating in-depth reviews on all topics related to golf including Clubs, Courses, Apparel, Accessories, and anything else related to Golf. You can learn more about them by checking out the link to their review below and following them @igolfreviews on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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