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5 Trends That Will Impact The Fitness Industry In 2016

As we bring in the new year, many of us take the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past year as well as look for opportunities for improvement by creating our new years resolutions. For many of us, being more active and getting back into the gym routine finds its way to the top of the list. For many others, fitness is a passion that we cannot live without and we are seeking a way to make this passion into a career or lifestyle. Regardless of the category you fall into, in order to set yourself up for success in this new year, it is important to identify and understand the trends that will be exposed to us in 2016.

The following list is consistent with what leading fitness brands, athletes and many of you are spending a lot of attention on. The intention is to provide you with insight as to what fitness products, trends and resources will have heightened awareness in the new year and how you can put yourself in position to succeed in your goals in 2016.

The Marriage between Social Media and Fitness

It does not take an expert to realize that Social Media has consumed a great deal of time over the past several years with outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat. However, in the last few years there has an increased consumption of Fitness Related content on Social Media. We are seeing more and more people in the last few years share their workouts, food or even fitness motivation pictures. Additionally, more than ever, people are starting to engage in conversations revolved around fitness, health, dieting and overall well-being. This presents a great opportunity for both Fitness Enthusiasts as well as newbies to leverage Social Media to accomplishing their goals.

Actionable Plan for Fitness Enthusiast: As a fitness enthusiast, you can use Social Media as a listening platform to hear what people are saying on the subject and provide valuable insight for free on the subject. As people begin to trust you as a subject matter expert, you will develop the rapport necessary to build a client base.

Actionable Plan for Newbies: Join communities that engage with goals that are related to yours. Become a part of the community and provide your own motivation for why you want to start the journey. Use these people as a support system for motivating you to reach your goals. Also reach out to Fitness Enthusiasts and seek their knowledge. Many of them will provide you valuable information at no cost when starting out!

The Demand for Functional Fitness

One of the major reasons why people break their new years resolution of going to the gym and work out is that they get bored of the same old routine. It is important to mix things up, try new workouts, workout with different people, join different fitness classes and even work out with friends to keep you motivated and on the path to a better you. A couple of activities you can partake in to mix things up include trying a workout challenge once a week, join a team sport, go on hikes, play with your kids or even create a game involving fitness and exercising. You will be surprised how consistent you can be if you make your workouts fun and functional.

The Rise of Fitness for Baby Boomers

As many Baby Boomers are approaching or have already reached retirement, the demand for this age group to stay healthy and active is steadily increasing year over year. We are seeing more fitness centers and gyms adapt their workout classes to accommodate this age group. Additionally, more and more baby boomers are becoming more tech-savvy and are being exposed to Fitness. As a result, there is an opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to cater their services and provide value to this undervalued demographic. Baby Boomers can take advantage of this environment by seeking resources, engage in Social Media, attend various Fitness Events and reaching out to communities that will allow them to improve their overall health and well-being.

Increased Popularity of Online Coaching

With the rise in Social Media over the last few years, there are some fitness enthusiasts taking advantage of leveraging Social Media as a resource to start an online coaching business. As we see more baby boomers entering the Social Media world, it presents a great opportunity for both parties to work with each other to accomplish their respective goals. One online fitness coach, Macroscoach, is taking a unique approach to his marketing strategy and is showing his audience his strange but mouth-watering diet and is proving to his audience and critics that you do not necessarily have to eat Chicken and Broccoli to be fit. The key for Fitness Enthusiasts is to find their own niche and showcase yourself in a way that differentiates your competition. Who knows, maybe your niche will be dressing like a Caveman in front of your audience, living the simple life and working out only in the nature? Find your differentiation and stand out from the rest!

Increased Popularity in the Fitness Wearable Market

Last but not least, over the past few years we have seen a craze in the fitness wearable market. Products such as the Fitbit or the Nike FuelBand have been the forefront on helping fitness goers track and share their fitness activity. Although these products have sleek designs and help track and share your fitness progress, does it really have an impact on your health and keeping you motivated? Over the next few years there is going to be an enhanced focus on providing health benefits as well as keeping people motivated and focused on their objectives. We truly believe that our product, the VYB-X Band, exemplifies the benefits that people will be looking and expecting in a band.

About VYB-X and the LA Fit Expo

VYB-X is determined to helping its customers develop healthier lifestyles by providing products that encourage positive change and physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

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