About Us

About US

At VYB-X© USA, we believe in the power of a healthy lifestyle. What starts from within can make such a difference and will determine how you grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Wherever you are on your journey toward a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, VYB-X© USA is dedicated to providing positive solutions that help with Vitality, Youthfulness, Balance and Energy.

We value your business and we will do our best to honor any requests you may have. You may contact us via e-mail, phone or fax. We are committed to offering you a wonderful shopping experience with our company, so we openly welcome all comments or feedback. Please refer to the contact information. Feel free to e-mail at info@vybx.com

Please do not send any returns without contacting our customer service department first for a return authorization number.

Please note, these bands run large and when stretched over long periods of time will become about 3-7% bigger. Please order them snug around your wrist and they will fit perfectly in the long-run.

About VYB-X Bands

Known to help improve:

Aches and Pains
Carpal Tunnel



All VYB-X products have an embedded chip specifically programmed with Nano Vibration Technology (NVT).  The chip has been programmed to produce a subtle vibration frequency that matches the cell’s natural frequency. This subtle vibration emitted by the chip re-inforces (additive) intercellular communication via the principle of resonance. This special embedded in the bracelet resonates with the body’s natural frequencies, boosting the wearer’s blood flow.


VYB-X bands does 3 important things:
1. It strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.
2. It increases your energy and enhances your mental performance, especially under pressure.
3. It strengthens your capacity to function in EMF saturated environments. (EMF is the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices and wireless communications).

No battery/energy source is required. Many people ask us how this is possible.
Here is our official explanation:

It is a well-known fact in the scientific community that ALL atoms are in a constant state of motion. This includes physical object atoms, such as the atoms that make up a desk or chair. More specifically, every atom in a physical object is known to “vibrate” or oscillate back and forth.

Logically, utilizing e=mc2 every atom has mass and the speed of light (c) is a constant, therefore there must be energy in every atom. Through our proprietary programming process, our chip emits sub-atomic energies powered by an atom’s inherent energy. Coincidentally, this energy stimulates the separation of blood cells in the wearer’s body which can help increase blood cell circulation. While the scale of vibration is considerably smaller for nano-vibrational technology, it is inherently the same in definition, to any other object that vibrates.


  • Helps strengthen your resistance to EMF Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation
  • Enhances mental clarity and awareness
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Balances emotions
  • Deepens restful sleep


Natural EMFs – The earth produces an electromagnetic field (EMF), and so does the human body. Also known as or extremely low frequency ELF’s. In fact, scientific research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF, helping to regulate important functions and keep you healthy.

Natural EMFs or ELF’s are low in intensity; for example, a healthy human body resonates with the earth’s magnetic field at around 10 hertz. VYB-X works by maintaining the body’s natural EMF and thus keeping our body in a natural state of balance.


Artificial EMFs – Human technologies – from hairdryers and cell phones to high voltage wires – create powerful EMFs. These strong EMFs have been shown to disturb the human body’s natural energetic field.

Fact: We’re exposed to 100 million times greater artificial EMF radiation than our grandparents were, and that exposure grows each year. With the power of the innovative NVT design, we are better able negate the harmful effects of artificial EMFs. The indirect and direct route of damage from Artificial EMFs can be resisted through NVT.

Each VYB-X band is embedded with the proprietary technology (NVT) that has been shown to improve blood flow, enhance cellular communication and reduce painful inflammation. VYB-X works as an enhancer to help negate the impact of EMF (electromagnetic field) interference and has been tested and proven by highly respected doctors, health practitioners, physical trainers and athletes, with measurable results backed by Darkfield Microscopy Blood Cell Analysis and Thermal Imaging Centers of America


This is how it works: VYB-X NVT chip emits a subtle energy, a nano vibrational frequency that resonates throughout the body on a healthy cellular frequency. When worn, blood tests have shown the NVT technology to improve cellular communication and re-energize blood cells that may have otherwise been compromised or exhausted by everyday environmental and physical stress. NVT works by helping negate the harmful effects of EMF.


VYB-X Bands  are used by professionals, Olympic athletes, and physicians around the world, VYB-X  helps bring your whole world into a state of balance where your body is stronger, your thoughts are clearer, and your endurance levels are increased. The VYB-X  bracelet uses the Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT) to create a stronger frequency for your Biofield enabling your body to resist the effects of stress and function at it’s peak level of performance.