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File Oct 10, 3 50 58 PMMetta World Peace LA Fit Expo

I starting wearing VYB-X just last season. I put it on and really didn't know what to expect. After a few weeks, my team and I were reviewing performance and we were amazed to find out I had some of my best statistical nights on the basketball court when I was wearing my VYB-X. This was no coincidence. It works for me, no doubt.

I was so impressed by what VYB-X did for me - on and off the court - I ordered more so I could give them to my friends and family. It really works. This is the best sports performance band on the market.
"I started wearing the VYB-X products of recent. I really tested how it works and also paid attention to the results I would gain. I can honestly say that this is a major game changer. I wish I had the VYB-X when I competed at the highest level of Professional Golf! Regardless no matter what we do all day we all get mentally/physically worn out. I now am a Golf Professional and Golf Academy Owner (TroyGrantGolf.com). I work 7-10 hour days standing, swinging golf clubs, constantly thinking on ways to give the correct knowledge to each student. It takes lots of energy, believe me. It's key to stay focused and have energy. VYB-X for me has made a huge impact on my energy levels and allows me to keep clear focus on my long days of teaching Golf. All my days are much improved thanks to this breakthrough product. I tested VYB-X for 4 weeks to make sure that I'm signing my name to a quality product, and this is very much quality and more! I encourage you to try the VYB-X products you will not be disappointed!
LA Fit Expo 2016 120File Oct 30, 9 13 32 AM

"Before I promote any product, I try it many times to make sure it works, especially since I’m responsible for the people who follow me! For a long time I had offers from similar products, and they did not work for me! VYBX does," Oksana explains. "Recently, I gave a 7 hour seminar in Italy, with demonstrations and lots of talking–in Russian and English… This is the kind of thing that really wears me out, but I DID IT without using any supplementation, just the VYBX band! The band helps me stay focused and alert."
Tisha Alyn Abrea

Ana Cheri & Tisha Abrea

I started using the VYB-X band early March of this year and put it on right before my last tournament of my winter series. I ended up winning the event as my first professional win and simply thought it was a coincidence that I performed well with the band on. It has now been three months since I have put it on without taking it off and my life has changed dramatically. I wake up feeling great and ready to go, more focus and efficient practices/workouts, and a lot less headaches/muscle pains. Since then I have performed well on and off the course and also took home another win this past April. Absolutely love it!
Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with my VYB-X wrist band.A few weeks ago I took the band off to do some work outside.  I set the band aside and, well I forgot about it for a week.The week without the band my sleep was very restless, and because of the sleeplessness I was not in a great mood and was also very forgetful.I was trying to think what was causing this and then remembered my band.  I put it back on in the morning and felt much better right away.  Slept great that night and I have not removed my VYB-X wrist band since.  Tell everyone IT WORKS.

As professionals, we are constantly emphasizing recovery after practice and games. The VYB-X band has been (playing) a significant role in keeping my body fresh week in and week out!
Taylor AndersonTaylor Anderson

I usually suffer from headaches daily, the worst first thing in the morning when I wake up. I started wearing my VBYX bracelet 24/7 & within the first 24 hours I noticed it was a lot easier for me to get up in the morning without a headache. I thought I was crazy, but it really does work. I even noticed I felt better throughout the day & less fatigued for my workout after work.
I've been using the VYB-X band for the past year and seriously, my migraines went from sever to mild to non existent. You could say I have a mild headache sporadically!! I also bought one for my mom and we can both say its works the same way....

Oh and let me tell you that I lost my band for 2 months and my migraines magically came back awfully. I found it so I'm back using it again and I cant tell you enough how surprised and thankful I am now that it's back on me. Seriously I think it's a life saver!! The best part I don't have to use pills anymore. I highly recommend the VYB-X band to all my family and friends.
The moment that I put the VYB-X active sport band on, I felt a "boost," so did my husband. I had been having energy and focus issues and wearing the sport band has made a great difference in my life. I feel happier with a little more "spring" in my step. I was so happy with the results that I bought several additional sport bands to share with family and friends (check out their quantity discounts!). I also went from wearing the sport band to the polished thin stainless steel ring so I can wear it 24/7, I love it so much! I never take it off! (I actually wore both the ring and the sport band at the same time but that was too much for me!)
A friend gave me a VYB-X sports band to try but didn't say anything about it so I really didn't have any expectations. Within a few hours, I noticed having more energy not in a hyper kind of way but more like I had more ambition. I work a lot so when I'm home there's always a lot to do to catch up, but I don't always feel like doing it. With the VYB-X band, I'm getting a lot more done now when I'm home - I do my chores and errands all day long and not get tired. And I'm in a much better mood as well.

Then I gave the band to my 95 year old mom to try but didn't say anything to her either. Within a few hours, she said "I think you've got something here!" She has been healthy and active until recently but lately she hasn't had much energy. She used to walk every morning and claimed that's what kept her healthy but she gave that up several months ago. She's mostly just been sitting and watching TV the past several months so I was worried that if she weren't active, she would eventually need someone to come in and help her. Well that's all changed now that she's been wearing the band - she is her old self, has started walking again, gardening, baking cookies, etc. all the things she used to do to fill her day. She's in a much better mood too.

I'm very grateful to my friend who introduced the band to us. Try it and see for yourself!
A friend loaned me the VYB-X active sport band to try for a week. I felt an immediate difference. I had more energy to accomplish what I wanted to get done. There was a day that I forgot that I hadn't put the sport band back on after doing the dishes and several hours later I couldn't figure out why I had such low energy until I realized that I had forgotten to put the VYB-X sport band back on. I quickly got it back on and felt like my energy was restored. Since I refused to give the sport band back to my friend so she said it would be an early birthday present to me! I turn 80 in April 2015.
A year and a half ago I had a really bad accident; I had my ankle almost completely dis-connected from my foot. I had severe damages on my bone, joint, liga-ments, tendon and nerves. I spent 1 month at the hospital and went thru 3 surgeries (including external rods) and find out that I had very slim chances of walking again.

I was pre-pared to set my mind on how to learn to live with all of this, and I did that, as bad as it was, pain and limitation were now part of my life. Until one day that a friend of mine gave me as a gift a VYB-X wrist band, and he ex-plained to me all the benefits that it could bring me, and I thanked him for the gift but to be honest I was 99% sure that this thing wasn´t going to work, but I didn´t want to be rude and put on the VYB-X wrist band.

At first I felt nothing dif-ferent; I was in pain as usual. But a couple of hours later the pain was a lot better, better enough for me not to notice my condition, and since that day I´m feel-ing a lot less pain, I´m taking about 60% less pain medication which is great. I know I still have a long way to improve my condition, but I believe that VYB-X is go-ing to help me achieve my goals and who knows maybe one day I can even start running again. VYB-X not only made my life better but also gave me hope of get-ting better every day.

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As, a runner and someone who will try anything to speed up my recovery. I have tried amino acid post workout and other "energy bands". However, none of these alternatives have not shown any noticeable results.

When I became partners with VBY-X Active Bands, I was sent a band. It has been three months and I have seen a number of positive changes. The first change that was noticeable, I was getting a much sounder night of sleep. I was sleeping through the night and woke feeling energized. After about 3 weeks wearing the band, I started to feel more energy throughout the day. In addition to the increased energy level, i was recovering fast after my workouts. I was as skeptical as the next person about the "energy band" crazy, but VYB-X Active Bands has changed my opinion. My experience with my VYB-X Active Band proves that the Nano Vibrational Technology does work. I will continue to recommend this band to the fighters I have on the show as well as my friends and family. When I say "It worked for me", I mean it. Get yours today!
After total reconstruction on my shoulder I was having a hard time during my recovery, I was presented a VYB-X Active Band and honestly didn't think it would help at all but I tried it and I must say I had an increase in blood flow faster recovery and I have yet to take it off. I can say this really works!
From the second day since I wore my vybx bracelet I have noticed a huge change in my sleeping habits. I used to wake up at least 5 times a night for all sorts of reasons. Falling back to sleep would be really difficult at times. Ever since I have been wearing my bracelet I wake up maybe once sometimes not even at all! I sleep much better through the night in turn makes me feel so much better during the day. My alertness, attitude, and fatigue have drastically improved, I have my vybx bracelet to thank for this.

Thank you!
I'm a 50 year old male, I first purchased my VYBX wrist band in December of 2013. Thirty days went by and I only noticed sleeping better through the night. Then in late February 2014 I noticed something while watching TV, it was a small pain in my left ankle and Achilles tendon area that I haven't noticed in quite some time. The pain originates from constant pushing the clutch pedal on my Mustang. Every time I get out of my car I feel this pain in my ankle for the last year before wearing VYBX, and by walking on it the pain would slowly go away. Now, while wearing VYBX I don't feel that pain at all, when I exit my car.

So one day I removed my VYBX wrist band and the pain came back in a few days when I would exit my car. Then I put the wrist band back on and in a few days the pain went away. I can attribute that the VYBYX wrist band and has assisted me in the loss of my pain case. However, I don't want advocate that this VYBX product is cure all for all pain, and every person has different pain issues. It has just worked for me in my case. My experience with wearing my VYBX wrist band has been great and I wear it every day.
One hour wearing my bracelet and my hands are WARM!!
I started using the NVT technology approximately 4 months ago and my experience has been nothing short of awesome.
I am a 53 year old grandmother, an iridologist, biofeedback and touch for health practitioner and we own two of our own businesses .. I am most happy to report that my experience with the NVT was very rewarding. I found myself finishing my duties without struggle for a change and although my sleep was interrupted, I felt refreshed and not dreading getting out of bed. I went though the whole first day, laughing and singing and clowning around with my customers, even they noticed a difference in me. I found myself crawling out of my depressive pit and enjoying life and people again. I cant say enough good about this bracelet....get your own, I'm not taking mine off for anyone.

Thomas and Jay
Jade Mountain Motel & Fas' Gas Plus
Chase, British Columbia
Live Blood Analysis Clinic in October 2011 at Lumby Health Food Store with Maureen Fontaine, Health & Wellness Consultant, Ontological Life Coach, B. Ed, CN, MH

Below are Maureen's comments on the changes she observed in two different people's blood cells after wearing a NVT bracelet for approximately 40 minutes.

"What I observed in the blood was 'breath'. The cells changed from aggregation, or clumping, to more free flowing cells that intrinsically demonstrated willingness to balance. It was as if they were given the perfect tool to reset the integrity of the internal environment.

The most beautiful part of all is the sense of awe that overcomes the client once their health potential is observed. NVT products provide a most valuable realignment device that proves itself every time."
I find that the NVT bracelets and pendant help me greatly with my sleep patterns and recovery . I lift weights 4-5 times a week and run or cycle 3-4 times a week . The NVT assists in my recovery allowing me to train harder the next day as I feel fresher because of a good nights sleep . I have been able to also push myself harder on the running track with my athletes . This is of tremendous benefit to me as I run the sessions with the players and being fifty one years of age being able to sustain this intensity with 18-21 year old athletes is not easy !! I would recommend the NVT to any sports person or athlete trying to maximise their training potential !
Rick Martin
Diploma of Fitness.,CSCS.,

Performance Coach
Dongguan Leopards
China CBA
KIRI owns a logging company – a bushman himself. His partner brought him a NVT bracelet - He was very skeptical, whether it would make any difference to his health. After wearing one for a month he noticed quite considerable change for the better - he is now a believer!
I only wore the NVT bracelet for a week and a half when I had my first motocross race of the season and what a huge difference both in my riding performance, I was very focused and strong and placed 2nd in two races! But it was in the recovery afterward that it really helped. I am usually very sore and stiff for a least a week, but this time I only had sore back muscles for one day, what a difference!